Elysian fields - queen of the meadow

Elysian Fields first released an EP in 1995 on Radioactive/ Universal Records with cameos from John Lurie and Marc Ribot , which was followed with the critically acclaimed full-length album, Bleed Your Cedar . The band then recorded its second album with Steve Albini which was never released because of artistic differences between the band and the record company. Despite their record company's urgings, Charles and Bloedow did not want to give the recording a more commercial feel, prompting a split with Radioactive/Universal, who retain the recording. Charles said, "We made our second full length with Steve Albini. It wasn't at all what the label was looking for, or wanted. The label wanted us to redo things, go in with more commercial people, and give them songs that they could sell. I didn't want to mess with what we made with Steve. It was what it was. In the end we agreed to disagree, I asked to be released from my contract, and we parted ways. For now it sits in some vault gathering dust, I suppose."

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Elysian Fields - Queen Of The MeadowElysian Fields - Queen Of The MeadowElysian Fields - Queen Of The MeadowElysian Fields - Queen Of The Meadow