Aurora borealis - smiles and kisses

"When Ethan was asked to do the northern lights I know that he was probably thinking of me, a little bit, too, knowing I had never seen it before."

Presently, she is an Associate Professor of English in Indira Gandhi National Open University [IGNOU], New Delhi. She is continuing her . on Native American Literature. Dr. Sahu has designed academic programmes/courses on Folklore and Culture Studies, Children’s Literature and American Literature for IGNOU. Her areas of research interest cover Indian Literature, New Literatures, Folklore and Culture Studies, American Literature, Children’s Literature and Critical Theory. She is the Chief Editor/Founder Editor  of Interdisciplinary Journal of Literature and Language(IJLL), a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal in English.

Admiral Byrd said in February, 1947 before his North Pole flight, “I’d like to see that land beyond the Pole. That area beyond the Pole is the center of the great unknown.”

The cabins are small, but modern—and come second to the real highlight of a stay here: the food, served in a third four-seat restaurant cabin. Owners Johan and Malin Löfgren met while working in the restaurant of the famed Icehotel; she’s a sommelier, and he’s a chef.

Pentti prepares the sleds and we are ready to go. I get comfortable as I wrap myself in a warm blanket. Unlike sled dogs, reindeer don't require a musher. "They always follow me," smiles Pentti as he hops onto the leading sled. And indeed, as soon as he takes off, "my" Rudolf follows. For an hour we calmly glide through gorgeous snow covered forests. My everyday hectic life is far, far away.

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Aurora Borealis - Smiles And KissesAurora Borealis - Smiles And KissesAurora Borealis - Smiles And KissesAurora Borealis - Smiles And Kisses